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“Live” Eye Examination Kit


These are the best instruments for properly examining the “live” eyes. It is necessary for the magnifying lens and exam light to be independent of each other. This enables you to hold the magnifier at a distance that will allow your eye to focus on your client’s eyes. Then, the examination light can be moved around, shining the light at different angles, to view the texture and topography of the irises in greater detail.


Dr. Pesek’s Custom Assembled Professional Examination Instrument

  • Xenon lamp for pure white light (LEDs give a blue-white which is not good for iridology)
  • Focusing light capability for narrow beam on the iris
  • On/off switch to save batteries and not have to refocus each time
  • Handy, protective carrying case


Quality Examination Magnifier

  • Glass lenses, not plastic
  • 4x magnification (4x is superior for “live” eye viewing)
  • Handy, protective carrying pouch


Perfect Live Eye Reading DVD face

Performing the Perfect “Live” Eye Reading DVD

  • Learn from Dr. Pesek the proper procedures for “live” eye readings
  • Learn clinical and ethical ways to communicate with your clients
  • A full, two-hour, seminar presentation with demonstration and practice sessions
Examination Light $40 + S&H
Magnifying Lenses $40 + S&H
Replacement Lamps $  4 + S&H
Perfect “Live” Eye Reading~DVD $25 + S&H
Complete Set (SAVE $14) $95 + S&H

All of the above items, are proudly made in the USA.