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Chart of Holistic Iridology® $20 / $15

The Chart of Holistic Iridology® is the leading edge in iris topography. This chart contains all the latest refinements in organ, gland and structure location along with advanced brain reflex meaning and terminology. The graphic design of the chart makes it very user friendly for the iridologist. Laminated color chart (11″ x 17″ / 8½” x 11″). Available in Español, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文 (11″ x 17″ only), Português (A4), and Français (A4)

Constitutional Summary Chart $30

This chart consists of 15 high-quality, high-resolution iris photos with no reflections. Each constitutional type and sub-type has detailed text that describes the appearance in the iris, physical predispositions, and thought and emotional predispositions. Location arrows point out each feature to look for. This truly is a holistic approach to constitutional iridology. There is no other chart like it. Laminated color chart (16″ x 20″)

Colon Reflex of Health Chart $30

This chart shows in detail the inter-relationship between the colon, the collarette (autonomic nerve wreath) and the structures of the body. There are 8 high quality, high-resolution iris photos with no reflections paired with 8 anatomical illustrations corresponding to each iris example. Thought and emotional predispositions are given for each condition of the colon. Location arrows point out each feature to look for. This is truly a holistic approach to colon health and is perfect for the healthcare practitioner. Laminated color chart (16″ x 20″)

Brain Reflex Areas Chart $20

The Brain Reflex Areas of Holistic Iridology® chart presents an enlarged version of this area of the iris including the advanced terminology. Each brain reflex area represents specific thought and emotional patterns from the masculine and feminine aspects, which are genetically derived. These conscious and subconscious patterns are described for each section. Laminated color chart (11″ x 17″)

Thought & Emotion Desk Chart $12

The Thoughts and Emotions desk chart to Holistic Iridology® describes the relationship of thoughts and emotions to the channels of elimination and detoxification and to the entire endocrine system. Common, worded expressions that affect these tissue structures are also given. Laminated color chart (8½” x 11″)

Reverse Iris Chart (Self-exam) $10

The Reverse Chart of Holistic Iridology® allows the individual the opportunity for easy self-analysis with the accuracy of the refined iris topography. Laminated black and white chart (8½” x 11″)

Fundamental Iris Signs Chart $30

This new chart is the finest compilation of fundamental iris signs available. There are 36 high-resolution, clinical images showing all the signs you need to know from the basic to the rare conditions. Laminated color chart (16″ x 20″)


All 8 charts ~ only $145!

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