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Advanced Holistic Iridology®

Level III • Live, 5-Day Seminar / Workshop

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During this intensive 5-day training, Dr. Pesek builds upon the information taught in the first two
levels with additional signs seen in the iris, sclera and pupil. The interpretation and integration of
the multi-generational influences of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects are brought
forth to develop a truly holistic analysis of a person’s level of wellness. Emphasis is focused on how
to perform an in-depth, clinical assessment utilizing Dr. Pesek’s leading edge software program,
Holistic Iris Analysis Reporting System, which contains an individualized digital iris chart overlay
and healthful guidelines for the client.

As always, Dr. Pesek will emphasize ethical and professional use of Holistic Iridology®,
including how to present information to your client without diagnosing.


Dr. Pesek's Holistic Iridology Level III Advanced Course Certificate

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Dr_Peseks_Holistic_Iridology_Level_III_SyllabusUpon successful completion of the oral and written exams, the student will
earn a certificate for the study of Advanced Holistic Iridology®

Tuition Investment for 2017: $795
(Early Bird only $695)
$895 for 2018

To register please call +1 (828) 926-6100