Iridology in Brazil

Dr. Battello presenting Dr. Pesek with the Ignaz Péczely Award from the World Iridology Association

Celso Battello M.D. and
David J. Pesek, Ph.D. building international relations in iridology

The World Iridology Association in Sao Paulo, Brazil invited Dr. Pesek to be the keynote speaker at their biennial Iridology Congress. During his opening address, he presented the officers and Board Members each with an honorary membership in the International College of Iridology. David taught the various aspects of Holistic Iridology® through several lectures throughout the three-day event. The audience was fascinated and eager to learn all that they could from his teachings. All of Dr. Pesek’s charts were translated into Portuguese and printed. During the Congress, Dr. Pesek was honored and presented with the Ignaz Péczely Award for his many contributions to advancing iridology worldwide.