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Why Holistic Iridology®?

Over the past forty plus years, there has been a growing awareness that we are much more than physical beings. Science and the awakening human consciousness both are responsible for this increased awareness. The human experience includes spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects that are intimately interactive.

Historically, over the past 3,000 years, the practice of iris analysis was done from only a physical perspective.

Holistic Iridology® is an advanced system that encompasses not only the interpretation of genetic influences on the physical (symptoms) but also on the conscious and subconscious spiritual (connection to the Divine), mental (thoughts) and emotional (feelings) aspects of the soul’s journey throughout its lifetime.

Further, it is known that unhealthy thoughts and emotions adversely affect our DNA as well as our physical health with dis-ease and disease. Getting to the root causes and healing them on all levels is the key. You are capable of reprogramming the DNA code to transmute ancestral issues that are not healthy or not for your highest good.

Holistic Iridology® is a powerful tool of analysis, not diagnosis, to help you and others on the journey of life.

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Holistic Iridology® ~ Health Assessment Through External Ophthalmic Examination

Another great informative resource for those who are really serious about Iridology. You can download the pdf by clicking on the buttons or the image of the article below.


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Holistic Iridology® Health Assessment through External Ophthalmic Examination          Holistic Iridology® Health Assessment through External Ophthalmic Examination